Our strategy is focused on developing core greenfield infrastructure projects in US and Canada primarily in the transportation, social and water sectors. Our ability to execute our strategy lies in: (1) our unparalleled connectivity to the key global and regional market players in the US market based on our principals’ decades of relevant and US based experience, (2) our ability to think strategically, utilizing our combined technical abilities, industry knowledge and comprehensive business insights to provide outstanding results to our partners.

Sharing one vision, we draw from our diverse experience, utilizing our unique talents and strengths to create value for our clients. There are several key factors that distinguish Star America Infrastructure Partners as a leader in investment strategy:

Our Leadership

In 1979, Star America’s founder William A. Marino opened up a local surety and insurance brokerage. Through his leadership and vision that brokerage grew to be the largest privately held construction broker in the United States, with 20 plus offices in 16 cities, employing over 450 skilled people, servicing the industries’ construction giants, developing strong relationships with construction, insurance, and surety leaders.

His vision and innate understanding of market trends sparked an interest and desire to explore the global market and alternative delivery methods. His initiative led him to create a new entity, designed to support his clients in all aspects of their business – Star America.

Unique Connectivity Resulting in Proprietary Deal Sourcing

Star America Leadership Team members have worked with virtually every major contractor and concessionaire at the highest level in one aspect or another. Over the years, this experience has created strong ties, enabling us to provide tremendous value to our partners in deal creation and pipeline sourcing. Our experience is relevant and practical because it was developed over decades of involvement in specific US-based and infrastructure related industries.

Star America Infrastructure’s team of top industry professionals brings an unparalleled depth of industry experience, wisdom and results to every Star America client. Sharing one vision, our professionals work cohesively to ensure that Star America continues to set the benchmark for investment strategy and returns in North America.

Our Local and Regional Partnering Approach

Most funds look at infrastructure investment opportunities from a global perspective. But Star America utilizes a differentiated approach that originates from a long track record of partnering and working with US-based public owners and local private contractors and developers.  We are a niche player focused on executing our strategy though partnering with experts who have had boots on the ground for decades - companies that are immersed in and understand the various local competitive dynamics.